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Performance is greater than the sum of our parts.

Tuned bike. Tuned mindset. When it comes to Shimano Original Parts, the engineering is a given. Confidence, control, comfort and courage are complimentary.


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Disc brake pads

Only original disk brake pads from Shimano meet the exact requirements to guarantee optimal performance. Find your perfect brake pad.

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With the pre-lubricated outer casing of our polymer-coated cables, we ensure that your system continues to perform to the original standard. Find your perfect cable.

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Developed as part of the component group, original Shimano chains are essential to maximizing the performance of your groupset. Find your perfect chain.

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Together with the chain, the cassette is an essential part of the drivetrain. Find your perfect cassette.

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Benefits of Shimano Original Parts

  • Shimano system components: Made to work together in perfect harmony.
  • No compromise: Shimano Original Parts precisely match Shimano components. 
  • The highest quality standards for maximum fitting accuracy, reliability and safety.
  • Preserving the value: Shimano Original Parts help preserve your bike's value.
  • Always state of the art: Our parts are constantly updated in line with series development.

About Shimano Original Parts

Special tip from our mechanics

Shift and brake cables can become sluggish and less efficient as a result of dirt and moisture. This is a gradual process, so often times you don’t even notice it. But once the old cables have been replaced with new ones, the difference can be clearly felt. Important: Always replace both the inner and outer cables (cables & housing) since only then is it possible to retain the original Shimano quality and achieve the Shimano standard of performance associated with it.

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Shimano Service Centers are independent bike dealers who are committed to deliver you the best professional service and reliable advice.

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